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The Journal (Sept 2012) All things Stripe and Beautiful

Here is a scan of the September 2012 issue of the North Lincolnshire ‘The Journal’ Dreamwallstyle has a monthly interiors and design column.

The Lincolnshire Journal September 2012


Housing the Illustration

An over whelming wave of nostalgia passes over me every-time I see sketched illustrations of buildings. I was raised on sketched illustrations of buildings, my father a designer of historical model buildings and my mother an artist.

Hovels: My mothers house illustrations from 1980's

Part of Hougoumont model designed & painted by my father Hovels Established 1985

Hovels: My mothers Illustrations from the 1980's

Hovels: My mothers Illustrations from the 1980's

Back in the 1980’s My parents set up a business called ‘Hovels’ instead of using photographs to showcase my fathers model building designs, my mother would sketch them to be used in the ‘Hovels’ illustrated catalogue.

Hougoumont model Designed and Painted by my father for Hovels

Sketched Illustrations of buildings, have certainly made a way into the interior design world mainly through wall-coverings. Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog post is inspired by my nostalgic love of my mothers original sketches and my fathers model buildings, so I’ve put together a collection of some of my favourite sketched Illustration of buildings that you can now bring into your homes….housing the Illustration!

Mini Moderns: Do you Live in a Town

I’m a massive fan of Minimoderns launched in 2006 by London based designers Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire. Minimoderns design influences range from mid-century British textiles to vintage toys, from literature to childhood memories. ‘Do You live in a Town Wallpaper’ (Snow) is a colour me wallpaper its fun for a kids bedroom or nostalgic adults who just want hours of fun colouring the houses….. what a great idea!

MiniModern ‘Do you live in a Town?’ wallpaper is printed in the UK with waterbased inks on paper from sustained forests 52cm repeat-straight match £40 per roll.

MiniModerns: Do You live in a Town Wallpaper? in Milk chocolate

Mini Moderns - Town Cushion

Also available in Milk chocolate… so do you fancy a mug of tea? ‘Do you live in a Town? Bone china mug …OK its not a wall-covering but I love it!

Little Greene Hampstead c.1949 From the hand-printed ‘Apsley Collection’ by John Line & Sons, this relaxed interpretation of an urban Hampstead scene is attibuted to designer Els Calvetti.

Hampstead Wallpaper - Little Greene

Hampstead by Little Greene (INK)

All the line detail is retained and even the original colour-ways of grey and blue have been accurately recreated for the 21st Century interior. Hampstead price £47.25 per roll

Little Greene - Hampstead (James Blue)

Little Greene wallpapers are a beautiful complement to the company’s paint palette. Each highly individual collection employs specialist printing methods on the finest grade papers, which gives the wallpapers their sophisticated textures, elegant appearance, durability and longevity.

Harlequin - Brighton - Strawberry, cornflower and Neutrals

Harlequin  Has a wonderful hand drawn interpretation of Brighton’s regency townhouses, available in six colour-ways, so very versatile in how it could be used in a property, from a children’s fun bedroom, to a perfect feature wall used in a dining room. £40,00 per roll.

Harlequin: Brighton Wallpaper

Erica Wakerly is an award winning print design company, Erica Wakerly established the design label in 2006, specialising in designing and producing wallpapers and interior textiles, that are modern and delicate. Distinct, but not overpowering. Houses £59.00 per roll

Erica Wakerly - Houses wallpaper in Salmon

Erica Wakerly - Houses wallpaper - Black/Grey

Erica Wakerly Houses Cushions

Graham and Brown  For a bit of fun I adore the commemorative 2012 designs from Britain’s wall decoration Kings.

Jubilee - Graham and Brown

The elegant fashions of the 1950s feature alongside iconic London landmarks in Graham & Brown’s new wallpaper design, ‘Jubilee’. Launched to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the new design has been created by surface design & textiles student, Sophie Minal. £25.00 per roll

Graham and Brown - Londinium

Bring the eternal city into your home with this new graphic wallpaper design. Capturing the excitement of 2012, Graham & Brown launches this illustrative cityscape, featuring London’s best known buildings and attractions. £25.00 per roll.

Graham and Brown - Londinium

Pen and Ink Illustration ‘The Revival’

I’m a huge fan of Pen & Ink Illustration and I love the whole revival of it. Just look around in the interior design and even the fashion industry, wallpapers, home furnishings, clothes, accessories are fully adored with sketchy images, all inspired from illustration.

I fell in love with Johanna Basfords fine art as soon as I saw it not long after she graduated in 2005, I included Jo’s work in the Dreamwall Young Designers collection in  2006. See more of Johanna Basford work here http://www.johannabasford.com/

Erica Wakerly wallpaper Home sweet home is also one of my favorites when it comes to illustration more on Ericas work here http://www.printpattern.com/houses.htm

along with the master of Illustration Ralph Steadmans fine work more about Ralph here http://www.ralphsteadman.com/

But something much more closer to home and personnal has impressed and that is my very own mothers Pen & Ink illustrations. So much so I wanted to dedicate this blog to my mothers artistic talents. See below the beautiful pen & ink hand drawn dragon which my mother drew in the 1980’s.

Pen and Ink Dragon drawn in the early 1980's by Carol Coleman

As a child I was bought up with Pen and Ink art, my mother a fantastic fine artist would sit for hours drawing illustrations. My mother in her late teens had all been set to study art at SLADE art school London, when her own father (my grandfather) put a stop too it, and told her that her duty as a woman was to be a house wife, and ART was a waste of time, she would never find a career in it.

Pen and Ink drawn in the 1980's by Carol Coleman

My mother is also known for her fantastic water colour paintings see below

Water colour in progress

Water colour in progress

One of my favorite watercolour paintings by Carol Coleman

Watercolour still life by Carol coleman

mistle thrush watercolour by carole coleman 1980

Pencil framed sketch of a soldier by Carole Coleman 1980's

Pig sketches by Carol Coleman

chickens by carol coleman

horse by carol coleman

sheep by carol coleman

pen and ink from 1980s by Carol coleman

pen and ink from 1980s by Carol coleman

Houses sketched by Carol Coleman 1980

Houses sketched by Carol Coleman 1980

I’m pleased to say, my mother proved her father wrong and made a successful business using her art talents – so never give up on your talents or Dreams!